"I have been singing with Phoenix choir for some time, and have always found it to be a friendly, encouraging and accessible way to enjoy community singing."
Joyce (Tenor)

"For me Thursday night is the new Friday night, the weekend starts here - 2 hours singing with my Phoenix family followed by a catch up drink in the Mytchett Centre bar – fabulous! I urge you to give us a try."
Vicki (Alto)

About Us

Phoenix comprises of a group of like-minded individuals who come together to sing contemporary songs in a friendly, fun and supportive atmosphere.

We formed in April 2009 when a former Surrey-based contemporary choir folded. As Carol recalls ‘we searched for a new choir where we felt comfortable, but in the end, we realised that we were already a choir, but one in search of a new identity’. Having risen from the ashes – there was only one name we could call ourselves – Phoenix.

Phoenix is a co-operative, when we started we had no musical director as such but we were enthusiastically led by Carol and Pete. Despite being relative newcomers, they showed great skill in guiding the choir towards developing a repertoire of contemporary songs which led to our first well received performances.

Click here for a copy of our constitution (pdf)

We had the good fortune to be led by David Ricketts for some time and as a result we improved beyond our dreams. We have now entered into our 3rd phase – this one led by our new MD, Yulia Hauer. Yulia is fantastically talented, and her song arrangements are amazing. We are so lucky to have Yulia as our MD. With her as our MD, we continue to grow and our performances reflect both her patience and attention to detail. As we enter into a new choir decade, we look forward to Yulia continuing to challenge us and taking us to new heights.

The main aim of the choir is to provide a place where people who enjoy singing can meet up, sing together and have fun in a relaxed atmosphere. However, another aim is to work towards the occasional performance in order to have a goal to strive towards. Finally, having fun is an important part of our ethos, and occasional group nights out help to develop the social side of the choir and, hopefully, develop lasting friendships.

"On a Thursday evening, after whatever day I might have had, we come together, laugh, sing, have a drink in the bar, and the world is a better place!"
Carol (Soprano)

Phoenix aims to have about 30 members which is the ideal size to produce a rich, balanced sound, and still allow for a wide mix of ages and walks of life. If you are interested, please see How to Join for up-to-date joining information.